At Gray Matters India (GMI) we believe in the power of data and assessments to unlock the potential of millions of children and make them future-ready


Measure learning outcomes in a reliable, valid and standardised manner to enable data-driven decision making for all stakeholders in education.

Create access and affordability
for assessments
so that every parent, teacher, school and system can have diagnostic data on
learning levels and use it to improve outcomes.

Establish academic standards and performance benchmarks that are inclusive of all students in the country so that progress in education can be measured with equity.


Over the last decade, we have adopted a highly nimble approach to understanding the education sector and developing contextualised, customised solutions that bridge the gaps in the Indian assessments space. GMI has built its model by continuously co-learning with clients, each of which have helped us hone our services to the highest level of quality.

In 2013, we started with a sense of curiosity around tactical, rigorous methods to assess the quality of schools in India. Since then, we have come a long way;

starting with school ratings to championing the metric of learning outcomes for progressive educational interventions across the country.

Gray Matters has pioneered models to develop modern measurement techniques in education that are actionable on the ground and contextualised to the diversity of India. From conducting parent surveys to actively seeking client feedback, we are committed to raising standards for education data and customer service.


Founder’s Note

We believe that every student has the potential to learn. We are driven by our desire to help students maximise their learning potential so that they can fulfil their dreams. Assessments help in identifying the gap between this potential and reality. When applied effectively, these assessments can guide the efforts of educationists so that the student can receive help at the right time. Gray Matters plays an impactful role by nudging stakeholders to make decisions based on learning outcomes. Let’s make education about the learners!

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Rely on our assessments to make better decisions with data

We work with a wide range of clients including funders, CSR’s as well as government and private schools.