The Gray Matters team has always been willing to co-learn with us and has shown great flexibility in evolving with the Ed Alliance as our data needs change. The insights from their assessments have been critical to managing our partner base and the quantifiable evidence they provide on learning outcomes is core to Ed Alliance’s theory of change.
— Amitav Virmani, The Education Alliance


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Impact assessments are a critical part of any educational intervention. Whether you are looking to diagnose learning levels to build a program, solicit feedback for existing programs, or set targets to maximise impact, learning outcomes are necessary for quantitative information to make informed decisions.


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Interventions Measured for Impact


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Highly consultative approach to solutions

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cutting-edge measurement techniques

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Co-created with international partners

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Intuitive reporting methodology and data dissemination

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Operational viability at scale
to ensure data integrity

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Service flexibility and customer-orientation


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Service flexibility and



Our team works with you to customise test design and analysis to your needs and implements baseline and endline tests for you to check for improvement in students’ learning levels.





Telling Reports

Reports that summarise findings and bring emerging insights to empower your team.


Highlights from our work with leading educationists

  • Quality Education India Development Impact Bond (QEI-DIB) a $11 million education fund with multiple international stakeholders such as British Asian Trust, UBS Optimus Foundation, Tata Trusts, ..(Read More)

  • Saksham Ghoshna, an initiative by Govt. of Haryana to achieve grade-level outcomes in all 119 administrative blocks, using   a robust and rigorous approach… (Read More)

  • Target setting for Varthana, an organisation that offers loans with reduced interest rates for affordable private schools to improve learning outcomes (Read more)

  • Portfolio review for the Michael Susan Dell Foundation (MSDF), which includes conducting assessments for interventions that target life skills, teacher training, tablet-based learning and others (Read more).



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We work with a wide range of clients including funders, CSR’s as well as government and private schools