Gray Matters are experts in administering standardised tests and provide authentic feedback that helps improve instructional strategies in classrooms. At Orchid, the assessment was a wonderful, interactive session for our kids as the assessors facilitated them to respond in new domains to measure the richness of their knowledge. I’m sure this will help upgrade the child’s overall development.
— Tharani Srinivasan, Orchids The International School


How do we make your child school-ready?

Early childhood assessments involve gathering information from children (four to seven years) through one-on-one interactions to measure foundational learning, map against benchmarks and track future growth in their learning levels. Early Assessment of Reading and Numeracy (EARN), a proprietary assessment tool designed by Gray Matters, is a unique, diagnostic assessment that helps students, under the age of seven, develop problem-solving skills and monitors growth in their learning levels through one-on-one, orally administered testing.

Poor education in early childhood can set children back by many years in terms of future outcomes. It is imperative to engage with young children and assess their learning in a non-threatening, friendly yet effective manner - this allows us to course correct for the child, at this early stage.

Early Childhood Assessments


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Orchid International School introduced EARN across 19 schools to assess the learning outcomes of young students under the age of five. Parents and teachers were given reports for each student assessed, calling out strengths and areas of improvement.



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