When Gray Matters introduced their idea of conducting an assessment on ACT for students, it was an answer to what we were looking for. While the academic realm encompasses a curriculum focus, it was lacking direction on skills required beyond the text. This constraint was readily and timely addressed by the ACT. The support material they provide is of a good standard, the conduct of the assessment through tabs, the personalised results, ranking on a National scale, was all too appealing. The price is little for the big package! This is our second year running with ACT.
— Susan Bird, Vice Prinicpal, Chirec International School


How do we make children future-ready?

The world is changing fast and we need to make sure that the students of today are prepared to meet the challenges of the future. The All India Critical Thinking Test (ACT), developed by Gray Matters, is an assessment tool designed to measure how well students from Grades 3 to 9 can apply classroom learning to solve real world problems. 

Measure and develop critical thinking

ACT, the first test of its kind to be conducted entirely on tablets, is the only school competition that specializes in measuring critical thinking skills. High performing students are awarded with scholarships and certificates, effectively incentivising students to get excited about applying classroom learning.

Beyond the competition, ACT provides detailed, individualised reports to each student. The reports diagnose a student’s learning levels compared to national benchmarks, with actionable insights and targets for how to improve. GMI understands that a student’s growth is far more important than absolute ranking, so our team has developed a set of Kriya Thinkbooks ® that allow students to practice the kind of critical thinking skills that are so important for ACT and for life.

Product Features


Builds individual growth plan for primary and secondary school students


100% Lasting
engagements with partner schools


Diagnostics meets skill development with learning books


One-time tracking with ACT versus yearly tracking with ACT+


Scalable, tech-enabled assessments
conducted on tablets



Leading educational institutions have
relied on the ACT and ACT+ assessments
to build critical thinking skills of their students.



Students assessed

INR 15,000

Scholarships given

200 schools introduced ACT assessments and since have been tracking their students’ progress at an individual level. ACT has caused critical thinking to become a core part of school curriculums.


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