NAAT is an Aptitude Test conducted in 2 rounds for Classes 3rd to 11th. The classes are divided into three levels

  •  Foundation - Classes 3,4,5
  •  Basic – Classes 6,7,8
  •  Advanced – Classes 9,10,11

Test will be of 1.5 hour duration covering English, Maths, Science and Logical reasoning topics.


  •  Level 1 Test will be conducted at school level. Top 10 % students in each school in each group will be selected for Round 2 selection.
  • Round 2 will be conducted in pre-arranged centres by NISA
  • Top 100 students depending in Round 2 will be awarded scholarships of Rs. 25,000/-
  • Winners of the Foundation level will receive scholarship for 2 years, whereas winners of Basic and Advanced levels will receive 1 year scholarship and mentoring support for career-building
  • 10 students will be selected to visit the universities overseas for international exposure
  • The scholarships will be awarded to the winners in Delhi by a Union minister at a grand event. Travel expenses (train/bus) to attend the ceremony will be paid for by NISA for the winners.

Last date for NAAT enrolment: 31st October, 2017 

First Level Test: 2nd Dec, 2017

Second level Test :28th Jan, 2018

Prize Distribution: Feb, 2018

An initiative by


Udaan is NISA's initiative towards a HOLISTIC SCHOOL EMPOWERMENT programme 

  •  National Analytical Aptitude Test (NAAT) is a part of Udaan
  •  Udaan & NAAT are exclusively for NISA member schools on invite only basis
  •  Schools that wish to be part of Udaan need to register their school for NAAT
  • Udaan includes school improvement and mentoring support for the participating schools


  • Per child cost for NAAT is Rs 130/-
  • Practice books for NAAT are optional (Available at additional cost of Rs.70/-)
  • Every participant school will be awarded a certificate & those who enrol more than 100 students will given a comprehensive school assessment and suggest the holistic school improvement programme at minimal cost​​​

Over 700 schools enrolled...Have you? Last date extended to October 31st - Don't miss this great opportunity!!!

FOR QUERIES - CALL: 73306 39054 | EMAIL: naat@graymatters.in; naat@nisaindia.org